About Pure Floor Systems

Offering customers more choice led to a new venture

My journey with polished concrete and epoxy flooring started with a trip to the USA and my life has never been the same again!

I’ve been involved in the building trade, in the North West of England, for many years and became a specialist in tiling. Many customers started to ask me about 3D tiles and different techniques to give their floors and walls a ‘wow factor’.

I was blown away by the design impact and versatility

I started investigating what was available in the 3D tile sector and noticed that epoxy flooring popped up in every search. Naturally I had to find out what it was all about. I discovered that these decorative surfaces were massively popular in the USA. Blown away by the design impact and versatility, I knew I had to fly over to the USA to see it for myself and find out how I could offer it to my customers in the UK.

I then spent some time in the US, building relationships with people in the polished concrete and epoxy flooring world. I also went on the certified training courses that would allow me to offer these amazing floors in the UK, and the rest is history!