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For many homeowners your garage is often the centre of many activities you do as a family, so it's not an overstatement to say that garage floors are the most abused floors in the home. No wonder that Polished Concrete and Epoxy Garage Floors have increased in popularity throughout the UK.

Unsealed concrete garage floors are often dirty and dusty which means you are trailing debris through the rest of your home on the soles of your feet. Also, many garage floors have turned into a damaged mess over time. With your vehicles, kids’ bikes, DIY tools and equipment, paint splatters, rust, chemical spills, tyre marks, dust and debris, moisture, oil and the elements can erode your floor which causes cracks and holes which can create a potentially dangerous uneven surface.

Luckily, we have a 3 coat epoxy system that is extremely durable and will hold up to these everyday challenges. This material is very durable and aesthetically pleasing when done right.  And we do it right!

Our polished concrete and epoxy flooring system provides a strong, clean and smooth surface for domestic and commercial garages.

Polished concrete or epoxy garage floors will transform any domestic or professional garage.

  • It’s seamless, hard wearing and functional. 
  • We can offer solid (plain) epoxy floors, polyaspartic flake floors which are commercial grade quality.
  • We also offer decorative marbled effects to create ‘art’ on your garage floor.

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What is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy is a self leveling material that binds to concrete once it is grinded and porous. We use a coat of this material followed by a primer, flake system and finally a polyaspartic top coat that seals the system and makes it last for up to and over a decade. If you are looking for a great system to coat your garage, Pure Floor Systems has your back!

Epoxy is a mixture of equal parts of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. The hardener functions as the catalyst to bring out the strength of the flooring material. When the resin and hardener are mixed, a chemical reaction is created allowing the material to adhere to the concrete floor.

During the curing process, closely cross-linked polymer structures are produced creating floors that are strong and durable.

Pure Floor Systems are experts in Epoxy Garage Floor installation. We use industry grade 100% solid epoxy. When chemical reaction occurs with the mixing of the resin and the hardener a thick coating is created. When epoxy is installed, it tightly bonds with the concrete flooring creating glossy, shiny floors and durable flooring.

We also use top of the line grinding equipment to prepare your concrete floor for the installation. This is to ensure that the coating bonds well with the concrete floor to create a flooring system that is beautiful, strong and durable.

Reasons to have an Epoxy Garage Floor installed

  • Strong and Durable - Aside from looking beautiful, the thick and hardened material produces a coating that is durable and resistant to chipping, impacts and surface abrasion. This flooring option will also not cause chemical spills to stain the floors.
  • Resistant to Moisture - It is a topical coating making it resistant to moisture so prevents mould growth.
  • Resistant to Chemical Spills - Break fluids, oil, and other chemicals that may leak from your vehicles will not stain the floor even if not immediately cleaned. These chemicals can easily be wiped with a damp cloth or mop.
  • Resistant to Hot Tyres - Pure Floor Systems only uses 100% solid epoxy that is 10 ml thick, sometimes even more, so hot tyre pick up is never an issue. Coatings of lesser quality than this material can be softened by hot tyres of your car causing the surface of the coating to peel off.
  • Increases Light Reflectivity - The high gloss and shiny finish reflects light by as much as 300%. With increase brightness in your garage, you will need less artificial lights which can bring savings to your household expenses. 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance - Less time and effort is required to clean and maintain your garage floor after you use this system.  A broom or mop with mild soap can easily pick up messes on the floor without much effort. This is extremely convenient especially during the winter months when salts in the road get into your garage floors.

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